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I offer confidential counselling, based in ROMSEY, HAMPSHIRE, working with individuals and couples struggling with emotional life issues that are affecting their health & well being.


If you can relate to any of the statements listed below then counselling can help


I’m feeling depressed/sad/low/anxious

My anger is out of control, I think I need anger management

My parents/partner rule my life

Can my marriage be saved? My partner won't go for counselling
I have no confidence

My partner or friend died and I feel lost without him/her 

I can't stop cleaning obsessively

I'm having panic attacks

I’m questioning my sexuality
Iv'e been diagnosed with a terminal illness
My children have left home leaving me with no purpose
I feel different

My partner had an affair, what do I do?

I’m lonely & have no one to talk to
I feel completely stressed out
I have suicidal thoughts
I self harm
I find it difficult to build relationships
I think I drink too much
I think I'm having a mid-life crisis
I'm pregnant/have a new baby; I'm really worried all the time
I'm having an affair and can't cope with the guilt
I am overwhelmed with grief

How To Contact Me

Please take the first step towards feeling more in control of your life & call  07773 214366
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